Early Learning

As in so many areas of their lives, a parent or caregiver is a child’s first teacher when it comes to reading. Raising a reader is about joyously reading aloud, modelling good reading habits and having a ready supply of beautiful books. It is never too early to start reading with your child and never too late to start. Establishing a reading routine from a young age and surrounding your children with quality literature helps to develop strong lifelong reading habits and foster school and academic success.

Life is busy and chaotic, and every family has its challenges with time and individual circumstances. Large families, single fathers or mothers, children with additional needs, a parent who works away, children who don’t enjoy reading…all challenges to reading with your children. But in laying foundations to reading success, home reading is a routine worth aiming for and is an opportunity for a mother, father, grandparent, sibling, carer, aunt or uncle to bond with a child.

Join us for an evening of aspiration and inspiration as Megan Daley shares with us her tips for Raising a Reader.

Megan will follow this session up with a second session later in the year on ensuring your child is ‘school reading ready’.

Free Event! Tuesday 15th May 7pm