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Red Hill Kindergarten - Quality Early Childhood Education - Red Hill Brisbane


The Need for Fundraising

Red Hill Kindergarten does receive some Government Funding from the Q.K.F.S. (Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme). Income from fees must pay for all other expenses including the balance of salaries and operating costs (electricity, rent, phone, stationery, sick pay, long service leave and maintaining building and grounds).  Maintenance of the building and playground, acquisition of new equipment and books for the children etc need to be supplemented by fundraising activities.

In addition to the Red Hill Fair, a Grants Officer (a member of the Management Committee) will actively pursue funding available through grant opportunities.

Your obligation of involvement in Fundraising Activities

The Kindergarten runs the Red Hill Fair (including Art Union) as its primary fundraiser each year.  The advantage of the Fair as the only fundraising activity is that it draws revenue from the wider community, rather than from RHK families.

By enrolling you child in the Centre, it is hoped that your Family agrees to support the Fair to a minimum commitment level of:

  • Selling five books of 10 Art Union tickets
  • Providing a minimum of a three hour labour shift per parent, on the day of the Fair
  • Supporting other Fair activities wherever possible (eg baking cakes etc)

The Red Hill Fair is the major fundraiser for the Red Hill Kindergarten.

At Red Hill Kindergarten, we believe Kindergarten is an important year in a child's development and preparation for school.