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Red Hill Kindergarten - Quality Early Childhood Education - Red Hill Brisbane

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does my child need to take to Kindergarten?
  • A shady hat
  • A lunch box containing morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.
  • Plastic water bottle
  • Two cotton sheets in drawstring bag. These can be purchased from RHK.
  • A large Backpack/Bag – preferably with a zip that your Child is able to open themselves to encourage independence
What is should I send for lunch?
  • The use of fresh food is encouraged for food to reduce the use of packaging.
  • Water is all that is needed. (No poppers or pre-packaged drinks please)
  • Please advise Staff of any allergies so that appropriate steps can be taken.
Will I have to pay fees when my child is sick or on holidays?

Yes, kindergarten fees are set based on children attending all programmed days and hence why fees are payable for the program, whether your child attends or not.

Will I have to sell chocolates, books or other fundraising activities?

No. The Red Hill Fair is a fundraising initiative of the Red Hill Kindergarten that has been going for over 30 years. It has been the kindergarten’s main source of additional funds for resources and improvements and is possible through the support and efforts of parents leading up to and on the day.

Are there additional fees to maintain the gardens or grounds?

No. Red Hill Kindergarten hopes that all parent volunteer time will be directed towards the Red Hill Fair. 

Are there excursions that are included in the program?

Occasionally, but you will be given plenty of notice of these and any parent involvement required. We do have an interesting program of visiting productions and presentations for children each year that is included in your program such as puppet and theatre shows.

Can someone else pick up my child from Kindy?

Sure, as long as that person is on your Additional Permanent Authorisation to Collect form and your child’s teacher has a copy of the form.  You can download a copy of the form here.

At Red Hill Kindergarten, we believe Kindergarten is an important year in a child's development and preparation for school.