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Red Hill Kindergarten - Quality Early Childhood Education - Red Hill Brisbane

About Red Hill Kindergarten

The Physical Environment at Red Hill Kindergarten

We start each week with our indoor environment set up as a “blank slate”.

This is in line with our core educational goal that relates to children following their own interests and interest areas. We believe that children have their own interests and are aware of stifling the expression of these interests via the way we set up our environments, both indoors and outdoors.

Through the careful and considered use of open ended materials and resources, we are able to support children’s learning via their own interest areas, thus providing us (the teachers) with a platform from which to scaffold skills and processes.

This platform then speaks directly to our intentional teaching. When one views the pre prep group as a learning community, you can then view each of the members of that learning community as rich and strong contributors. We view the children as being the suppliers of the content for programs.

The children’s interests and knowledge bases make up the content of our programs. The teacher’s intentionality directly relates to the scaffolding of the skills and processes outlined in the current curriculums, Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines and Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

Learning at Red Hill Kindergarten.
Playing at Red Hill Kindergarten.
Learning together at Red Hill Kindergarten.

The Curriculum and Intentional Teaching

The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) is the national curriculum, supported by the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines (QKLG).

The vision and title of The Early Years Learning Framework: Belonging, Being and Becoming resonates with early childhood practitioners because it describes what they see as their core business: Creating spaces in which young children can feel attached, feel appreciated for what they are right now and feel supported in what they might become as effective citizens in a complex future world.

The EYLF defines intentional teaching as ‘educators being deliberate, purposeful and thoughtful in their decisions and actions’.

Setting up for Intentional Teaching

At Red Hill Kindergarten, an environment is created in which:

  • there is joint ownership of space and reciprocal decision-making
  • children can access materials, investigate how things work and explore puzzling questions
  • relationships of mutual respect and trust are established
  • children and adults collaborate to solve problems
  • children’s ideas and opinions count and we can find a solution that suits everyone
  • adults contribute knowledge from their own experience to enrich, challenge and extend children’s learning.

Shady spots at Red Hill Kindergarten.
Being creative at Red Hill Kindergarten.

Intentional Teaching

Intentional teachers act with specific learning goals in mind both for aspects of children’s development in social and emotional, cognitive, physical and creative domains and for learning in the academic domains of literacy, maths and science.

Adults intentionally play roles in guiding children’s experiences and children have significant and active roles in planning and organising learning experiences. It is not about saying at a particular part of the day I will intentionally ‘teach’ children something. It is about being intentional about what we provide across the whole day.

At Red Hill Kindergarten, we believe Kindergarten is an important year in a child's development and preparation for school.