Red Hill Kindergarten – Quality early childhood education

Red Hill Kindergarten is a warm, caring environment with high quality early childhood education that has brought generations of families back to the centre since its beginnings in 1956. Red Hill Kindergarten is proudly affiliated with Lady Gowrie Community Kindergartens.

As a community kindergarten, managed by a parent committee elected each year, Red Hill Kindergarten is a great way to engage your child in their local community. They’ll meet friends they might even keep for life!

Why choose a Lady Gowrie Community Kindergarten?

As parents know, children are active and competent learners. That’s why your child’s early learning is our priority. We focus on expanding your child’s knowledge and skills and providing for their interests.

We create a safe, welcoming and stimulating learning environment for your child that:

  • encourages thoughtful play and early literacy and numeracy development
  • promotes a strong sense of belonging and self worth
  • facilitates warm trusting relationships and interactions with others
  • strengthens resilience, critical thinking and intellectual curiosity
  • promotes communication and problem solving
  • develops capacity to express and acknowledge feelings.

Red Hill Kindergarten Curriculum

We implement the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline as our curriculum framework.

The Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline complements the national Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) while meeting all the requirements under the National Quality Framework. The EYLF has a strong emphasis on play-based learning as play is the best vehicle for young children’s learning. Throughout the Kindergarten year, children’s right to experience the joy of childhood is fundamental and learning is promoted through play.

2018 Term Dates

Term 1 - 22 Jan - 29 Mar
Term 2 - 16 Apr -  29 Jun
Term 3 - 16 Jul - 20 Sep
Term 4 - 8 Oct - 13 Dec

The Kindergarten curriculum is based on


Recognising that knowing where and with whom you belong is integral to human existence.



Recognising and valuing the ‘here and now’ in children’s lives, and viewing childhood as a precious time of life – more than preparation for adulthood or for the future.



Recognising the rapid and significant learning and development that occurs in early years, and the capability and potential for all children.

Red Hill Kindergarten offers a warm and caring environment with high quality early childhood education. They are affiliated with Lady Gowrie Community Kindergartens.

At Red Hill Kindergarten, we believe Kindergarten is an important year in a child's development and preparation for school.